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Make Money Online Completing Simple Freelance Online Jobs

The best way to make money online is to use that which you already have. Think about it, what do you have right now that you can monetize?
For many of us, the only thing that we have are skills. And that is all you will ever need to make money online. Yes, you can use whichever skills you have to start making money online. Freelancing works in a similar way like seeking for employment... The only difference is that you are your own boss! You decide your rates and your hours.
According to a report by Elance, the online jobs that are in demand include:

  1. Writing
  2. Marketing
  3. Web design
  4. Transcription
  5. Translation, and
  6. Data entry

Where Do You Find Freelance Jobs in Kenya?

There are several freelancing platforms that allow you to register and start completing different online jobs. Most of these websites are free to join and the only money they will charge you is a small percentage of your online earnings.
The most popular freelancing websites include:
  1. Elance
  2. oDesk, and
  3. Freelancer
The above three websites offer jobs in a variety of the categories we listed above. There are however other freelancing platforms that are much more specialized. A good example is iWriter, which only offers freelance writing jobs. TranscribeMe and SpeechPad on the other hand offer only online transcription jobs. In my opinion, it doesn't matter much whether a platform is specialized or not. As long as you can make money from it, go for it!

How to Make Money Online with a Blog

This is the sweetest but (unfortunately) the trickiest way of making money online in Kenya. If you don't understand the meaning of such terms like SEO, Monetization, Keywords, and CPC, kindly leave blogging for money to the experts... but that is not to say that you cannot learn how to make money blogging.

How Can You Make Money Blogging

There is a raging debate on the whole issue of making money with a blog in Kenya.
Some 'experts' insist that you cannot make money blogging. Others insist that there is money to be made blogging.

So, Where Does Blogscheme Stand?

At Blogscheme, I believe that there is money to be made from blogging, even here in Kenya. Take an example of such blogs like Ghafla and Kenyan Post that are raking in hundreds of thousands every month blogging. They have done right here in Kenya, albeit with a lot of investment going into building their brands. For a beginner who is looking to make money blogging, the investments that go into these popular Kenyan blogs might not be worth it.
Instead, I will give you a simple formula that you can use to start making money with a blog without incurring so many expenses. In fact, the only money you will need in order to start your blog will be the web hosting charges (about $40 for two years if you host with iPage)

Selling Your Ideas/Products

The easiest way to make money with a blog in Kenya is to sell your own products/ideas or digital products online. Let me give you an example with how Blogscheme makes its money. I am an expert at giving online jobs in Kenya advice. I get contacted all the time by people who want to launch their online careers. I direct them to my premium training lessons, and that is what I make most of the money blogging.
I also have a product that I developed to help people make money by selling simple Kindle ebooks. With a little marketing effort, I am able to sell several copies of the product, which is another great way of making money online.
Think about what you knowledge you have. Are you an expert at rearing Kienyeji chicken, installing greenhouses or plaiting the best African hairstyles? Start a blog on a subject that you know you can do best. Write an ebook about the same subject, and sell it online. With the correct marketing, chances are that you will be making money online sooner than you thought.

Affiliate Marketing/Niche Websites

Affiliate marketing generally involves marketing and selling other people/company's products online mostly through your blog. You are paid for every product sale or lead that you generate for the company.
Affiliate marketing is most successful when you do it through a niche website i.e. a website that is strictly restricted to one specific subject. For instance, while the health and fitness industry is one large niche market, you may choose to only concentrate on a niche such as how to lose belly fat fast. In that case, you may start a blog with a name and domain name such as
There is however much that goes into starting a niche website than simply picking any random topic and rushing to start a blog. You will need to do thorough keyword research, you will need to research whether there is a market in that niche and whether there are advertisers willing to spend money on affiliate marketers. You will need to understand your competition and come up with tactics of outmaneuvering them, and you will need to keep your blog up-to-date with industry information.
Like I said, making money with a blog is tricky but not entirely impossible. Click here if you would like to learn how you can start a niche blog that makes you a passive income month after month.

Placing Adverts on Your Blog

Get out of your comfort zone! This is what I tell many new Kenyan bloggers who complain that they cannot make money with their blogs.
Have you tried approaching the multitude of Kenyan companies to find out whether they are looking for an alternative way of advertising their goods and services? You will be surprised by the number of mid-level companies and businesses that are willing to pay you to place a banner of their products/services on your blog. This is by far the easiest and most hassle-free of making money with your blog.
Simply collect the contact details of several businesses in Kenya, call or email them with your offer. Charge them at least 1K to have their banner appear on your website for one month, and tell me whether you really can't make money blogging.

Writing/Posting Sponsored Reviews

If you have a popular blog, you can approach companies that are looking for sponsored reviews to appear in your blog. There is no shortage of such companies and they pay as much as $50 just to have the review of their products appear online.

How to Make Money Online Selling Simple Kindle Ebooks

This is a first one from Blogscheme. After an year of research, I can finally tell you that the best way to make money online in Kenya is by writing and selling simple ebooks in Kindle.
Unlike other online jobs where you are at the mercy of clients, writing and selling Kindle ebooks depends entirely on you. You can make as much money as you want on Kindle. Write your books and decide how much you are going to price them. Decide how many new books you are going to publish per month... it all depends on you

Introducing the Kindle Business to Kenya

Kindle, which is a branch of the popular Amazon online store, allows authors to self-publish their books and place them for sale on Kindle. Depending on the pricing of your book, you get a royalty of either 35 or 70 percent on every ebook that is bought.
There are over 300 million people worldwide who shop for ebooks in Kindle. That means that your book is already exposed to a ready market but you must know which subjects are mostly in demand in order to cash in on where the money really is. Fortunately, I have developed a training program that shows you how to find the best book titles to write about and how to make sure that you are getting the maximum sales for your books.
In a nutshell, here is what really sells Kindle ebooks:

Book Title

The title of your ebook determines whether people who are searching for ebooks in Kindle will discover it. In order to ensure that your book is discoverable, you will need to include keywords related to the topic in the title.

Book Description

This is the part that customers buy before they buy your book. Apart from making sure that you have seamlessly integrated your book's keyword in the description, you also need to make sure that it reads well.

Book Cover

Visual communication rules. Make sure that the cover of your Kindle ebooks entices the readers to want to know what is inside the book. It is the only way they are going to buy your books. There are several other in-depth tips and tutorials contained in the Kindle Bestsellers Program. If you would like to invest in Kindle ebooks, contact me on patrick[at] or call 0710251380


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